Our sister company Film Plus is making it’s mark in Ibiza. With the new office in the old town, only launching last month, equipment has already been loaned for a shoot for The Wall Street Journal.

Shooting Guiseppe Cipriani, of the Italian restaurant dynasty, in his villa, he will be featured in the Wall Street Journal. With a recently opened restaurant the Gran Hotel in Downtown Ibiza, Guiseppe is hot property at the moment.

Having spent much quality time as a tourist in Ibiza, it seemed the obvious choice for a laid back, classically elegant restaurant, for which the family is famous. With bars and restaurants in many cities around the world including Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Miami, Abu Dhabi, Istanbul and Monte Carlo, and headquarters in the founder’s native Italy, the glamorous Gran Hotel, seems the perfect location on the Island.

Marrying laid back vibes, cocktails, late night djs and a relaxed roof terrace with a view of the harbor, the venue is the perfect place for intimate drinks, celebrations and refined cuisine.

As if you need any more excuses to go Ibiza- check it out and the shoot will be revealed in the next issue of The Wall Street Journal.

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